Privacy Policy.

The website for Node Serve, like most websites, uses analytics to see how many visits are being made and where from. The only 2 pieces of data that are collected by default are Public IP addresses and Country locations. This information is only stored with our website provider for analytics purposes and is a core part of the service offering we receive from them. We only intend to look at unique visitors, number of visits and total bandwidth in relation to the activity on our website. This information will never be used to attempt to identify specific users of the website, or for any other purpose other than those explained above. If you are concerned about the recording of your Public IP address within our analytics then there are ways of avoiding this, such as using a VPN.

Any contact and job information entered into our contact form for job bookings will be kept on record for the purposes of completing the specific job that has been requested. If after the job has been completed you would like us to remove your personal data, please send an email to Please note that some personal information may still reside on accounting statements and job history which may need to be kept according to certain laws, but we will remove this wherever possible.

Your contact form data and job history will only be kept for the purpose of record keeping and continuity and will only ever be stored on our encrypted platforms. At this time, we will hold the contact information indefinitely, although this is subject to change without prior notice. We will never use your details to attempt to contact you outside of any arrangements that were made as part of a job and will never, ever pass your details onto others.

Call us on 01202 985358 for all enquiries.

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